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Updated: Angel Food Bakery Draws Ire of Voodoo Doughnuts

The Portland, Oregon Bakery owner threatens angry letter to local bakery selling stabby doughnuts.

These doughnuts were seriously harmed in the interest of this story
These doughnuts were seriously harmed in the interest of this story
Joy Summers

Downtown Minneapolis' Angel Food Bakery is selling personalized doughnuts shaped like little people accompanied with a gumdrop adorned pretzel stick for angry stabbing in honor of Black Saturday. Well, Cat Daddy, the creator of the original Voodoo Doughnut is not amused. Seems the frosty fried dough kingpin has the copyright to the voodoo doughnut. Daddy tells City Pages that he's "drafting an angry letter," to the local bakery.

Angel Food Bakery was selling the doughnuts for $6.50 each via their website through the holiday weekend.

When reached for comment, Cynthia Gerdes, Angel Food Bakery's co-owner was very clear, "We never called ours Voodoo Donuts.   Ours are called 'Who Do You Voodoo?'"

Angel Food Bakery's doughnuts were offered in two varieties, one for the broken-hearted and lovey doveys.

She also points out the visual differences, "Ours look like gingerbread kids with legs. Our Lovey Doveys come in pink and purple with gummie pretzel cupid arrows; theirs do not. Our Broken Hearteds include sugar ice shards; theirs do not. Our Who Do You Voodoos include names; I have no idea whether theirs do or not. Ours include cherry guts; theirs do not. The name, the colors, the shape, the personalization, even the fillings are different."

The entire team at Angel Food sends good will to Portland.  "I genuinely feel bad we've earned the wrath from such a wonderful cat."

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