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A Peep at Shag Sushi's Stripperific Menu

A new sushi restaurant is set to open Thursday in North Loop with a cheeky menu.

Photo courtesy Shag Sushi

Thinking about raw tuna and naked ladies isn't our usual way to kick off a feast, but that's what the new Shag Sushi's menu hints at. The eatery promises an atmosphere that is "pure Vegas in the North Loop." That means a room that Telly Savalas would comfortable hanging in and a menu studded with silhouettes that are part trucker mud flap; part Roger Moore-era Bond film intro.

Dine on some salmon and tuna Shag rolls, toss back a few sake bombs and then the website suggests finishing, "with a shagalicious shagarita, or if you’re really in the mood, the sparkling bunny will give you a tickle. Dig it?" We're not exactly digging whether that means there's a stripper or an errant Easter bunny.

Appetizer prices range from $3 miso soup up to $14 for the Shag "tacos" (quotes are theirs) featuring "pounded rice, pickled vegetables, Thai chili sauce, spicy mayo, soy marinated tuna." That sounds seriously saucy. Rolls are generally $9-17. There is also sashimi, nigiri and a selection of $15 wok-fried noodles.

Shag's owner Michael McDermott, who also owns Rojo Mexican Grill in the West End and Ling and Louie's that has a location on Nicollet Mall. Shag will open at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday February 19 at 730 Washington Ave. N. in Minneapolis.

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