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Ask Andrew Zimmern Anything: Online and In Person this Thursday

Double your pleasure with two opportunities to connect with the celebrity chef.

He may have been born a New Yorker, but we count Andrew Zimmern as one of our own. During a stopover in between breaks from appearing at glamorous Food & Wine events (like last weekend's in South Beach) and filming his Bizarre Foods series, Zim is taking questions online and appearing in person this Thursday.

Beginning at noon Central Time, the James Beard Award winning author, TV host, chef and magnetic personality will take questions in the Eater forums. Ask your question live or link over to the Eater National article and ask ahead of time. (Pro tip, just don't ask what the most bizarre food he's ever eaten is - he's answered that one. It's hot dogs. By the way, his AZ Canteen food truck serves a tasty dog on the streets and at Target Field.)

If that's not enough Zim for your tastes, he will also be appearing at the Jewish Cultural Center with Allen Salkin to discuss his book "From Scratch: Inside the Food Network" from 7:30 - 9:30 p.m. (Scripps owns both the Food Network and the Travel Channel where Zimmern's show airs.) The discussion is open to the public and the cost is the price of book purchase, $25. More information on the event can be found here.

Salkin assures us that the talk will be lively and cover a range of topics. "I'm definitely going to ask Andrew more than the typical questions he always gets asked like do you ever get food poisoning and what's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten? We're going to get into what a madman he used to be -- and still is! How he built himself up after falling so low. And more. It's going to be a back and forth. We will take questions from the audience as well."

We might as well declare February 26 Andrew Zimmern day. Break out your orange hoodies and Eye Bobs for the occasion.

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