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La Belle Vie Names New Chef de Cuisine: Shane Oporto

James Beard Award winning chef and owner Tim McKee selects Libertine sous chef to replace Mike DeCamp.

Photo courtesy La Belle Vie's Facebook Page

La Belle Vie, the white linen restaurant that has become a proving ground for some of the best chefs in the Twin Cities has added the newest member to the kitchen team. Shane Oporto will leave his current position at the Parasole-run Libertine in Uptown to take up the mantle of chef de cuisine inside the venerable restaurant.

McKee predicts great things for this new, young chef, telling Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl at Mpls. St. Paul Magazine, ""I think he’s a future superstar." So, no pressure or anything.

In addition to Libertine, Oporto has also worked for a "high-profile" family in a private capacity on a Bahamian island (all very hush-hush on the detail, but royalty may or may not have been served something... somewhere along the way.) He was also once part of the kitchen crew at Porter & Frye when Steven Brown, now of Tilia, ran the kitchen and folks like Jamie Malone, Erik Anderson, Mike Brown and Doug Flicker manned the line. He has also worked inside the Graves 601 Hotel at and Tilia.

DeCamp is leaving the La Belle Vie fold to revitalize the restaurant at the Ivy Hotel with Jester Concepts.

The transition will begin on March 19 and DeCamp will hand over the reigns on April 1.

In the meantime, looks like Stephen Hesse at Libertine is on the lookout for a new sous chef.

La Belle Vie

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