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The Sioux Chef Hosts Pop Up at The Third Bird

An entirely indigenous menu from the Native American chef hoping to open a Minneapolis restaurant soon.

The Third Bird
The Third Bird
Joy Summers

On February 17 Ogala Lakota chef Sean Sherman will host a pop-up inside Loring Park's The Third Bird. Sherman has been hosting several events and hosting classes around the Twin Cities discussing and serving food he describes as "traditionally cultivated" and utilizing indigenous foods such as deer, cattails, sumac, bison, and more.

Sherman is working towards opening his own restaurant in the Twin Cities serving native cuisine.

The Third Bird dinner menu will consist of four courses including rabbit, stewed white beans, smoked duck, cider braised bison and a squash and maple syrup based dessert. Tickets are $50 and available by contacting The Third Bird.

The Third Bird

1612 Harmon Place, Minneapolis, MN 55403 (612) 767-9495 Visit Website