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Cafe Alma Update: Zoning Woes and a Bittercube Bar

Restaurant Alma continues to work on their expansion and plots full bar with the help of Nick Kosevich.

Claire Stanford

Whether you know the name Nick Kosevich from his be-vested presence behind the bar  at Eat Street Social, the merry mirth-maker of Bittercube Bitters or that clever imp that served the town booze-infused milkshakes at the old Town Talk Diner, it is impossible to discuss craft cocktails of the Midwest without mentioning his name.

Now, he is working on the cocktail list for the forthcoming Cafe Alma, the extension of James Beard Award winning chef Alex Roberts' Restaurant Alma. As we previously reported, Roberts is working to add boutique hotel rooms above the one-time Dunn Brother's space next door to his restaurant. The plans have run into some zoning issues.

Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl of Mpls. St. Paul Magazine reports that the zoning ordinances for hotel rooms are the same as that for strip clubs. That has several in the neighborhood concerned about inviting strippers into the upwardly mobile area.

Hopefully, that will be sorted out soon, because the proposed bar program sounds delicious. Moskowitz Grumdahl spoke with Kosevich about plans for a classics based cocktail menu: gimlets, Manhattans, Daiquiris and the like (right on trend with what Robb Jones is doing at Spoon and Stable.) As the seasons change and Alma's food menu utilizes the ingredients of the moment, so too will the drink list.

For now, the progress continues and the zoning will hopefully be sorted out. Best everyone enjoying an expertly crafted, seasonally inspired gimlet keeps their clothes on.

Restaurant Alma

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