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Joe Rolle is Reunited with Jack Riebel at Forthcoming Il Foro

The Italian eatery in the art deco space adds Joe Rolle's talent to the kitchen as it nears a spring opening.

Rolle has earned his stripes in town as a go-to guy for a successful restaurant opening. He was on the line with Riebel when Butcher and the Boar burst onto the Minneapolis restaurant scene. He was the one sweating over the burger perfection at Parlour and turning out the gorgeous plates at Borough.

Rolle is an Iron Range from an Italian family. So, he comes to this job with knowledge of both the Italian fine dining idea of a porchetta as well as the proper Range porketta.

Il Foro is fast taking shape inside the former Forum space (what was once Goodfellows) in downtown Minneapolis. The restaurant is the brainchild of Josh Thoma and Kevin Fitzgerald (Smack Shack's owners), Lorin Zinter (opening partner and front of house maestro of Heyday who left the project for this opportunity) and Jack Riebel, chef extraordinaire who has run kitchens from La Belle Vie to Butcher and the Boar to the Dakota - which is where he and Rolle first met.

Rolle will serve as Executive Chef under Riebel as Culinary Director.

Construction remains on track for a summer opening.

The Forum

, Minneapolis, MN 55403