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Monello at Hotel Ivy Will Serve Coastal Italian Fare from Mike DeCamp

Yesterday, we learned about the subterranean Constantine, now more about the upstairs restaurant.

Stephanie A. Meyer

YC is in his final days at La Belle Vie and the details on the next phase in his illustrious career are beginning to be released. The former Porter & Frye restaurant space will be reimagined as Monello, the Italian word for sea urchin. Uni will be featured on the menu, but the name evokes more than just the spiny little ocean dwellers. There will be plenty of other tastes from the sea including yellow tail tuna, clams and king crab. There will be risotto, crudo and DeCamp is developing an uni and bone marrow dish for the menu.

DeCamp is bubbling with enthusiasm and ideas about the new menu. This is his first time leading his own project after working under James Beard Award winning chef Tim McKee for a majority of his career. As chef de cuisine at La Belle Vie, DeCamp has made the semi-finals of the Beard awards and earned several of his own distinctions. It would seem his opportunity to shine has arrived.

Monello is one part of a several phase project taking shape inside Hotel Ivy. Jesse Held is also working on a hotel bar, plus the downstairs Constatine. DeCamp will also write the food menu that will be exclusive to the space bar food menu.

The Hotel Ivy project is being run by Jester Concepts, who also own and operate Borough, Parlour, Marche and Coup d'etat.

Projected opening date is late May or early June. Updates and teases will be available on the shiny new Monello website, Twitter and Facebook pages.

Hotel Ivy, Minneapolis

201 S 11th St, Minneapolis, MN 55403 (612) 746-4600 Visit Website