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Wyatt Evans Exiting W.A. Frost to Open Heirloom in Merriam Park

Farm to table cooking comes to Cretin and Marshall in St. Paul.

Wyatt Evans will leave his longtime post in the kitchen at W.A. Frost after 11 years to open his own restaurant. Jess Fleming at the Pioneer Press reports that the 80 space is located in a brick building at the corner of Cretin and Marshall in St. Paul. The menu will feature farm to table cuisine and expects to open some time this summer and there will be beer and wine.

No word yet from W.A. Frost who will be the next in line as the popular patio spot heats up for summer. Evans joins an esteemed history of chefs who have passed through that kitchen and gone on to success with their own restaurants including Lenny Russo of Heartland, Russell Klein of Meritage and Brasserie Zentral and Leonard Anderson of Tongue in Cheek.