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Peter Botcher to Leave Butcher & the Boar, Jeff Kipp to Take Over

The man known as "the butcher" in the restaurant's name is moving to San Diego.

Photo courtesy Butcher & the Boar

From the beginning, Peter Botcher and his way with meats have been integral to building the restaurant that we all know and love for the juicy sausages and enormous chops. Back when the space was just a husk of an office building, opening Executive chef Jack Riebel would tout the wondrous carnivorous products Botcher would create.

It's been a wild three year ride for Butcher and the Boar, Riebel would exit and Botcher rose to take his position. A line of sausages were successfully launched (and can be purchased online and at local grocery stores.) A year-round beer garden became a go-to destination for waiting out the long, cold winter months. Now, it would seem it might be the cold that has finally gotten to Botcher.

His next adventure will come with a side of near-perfect weather on the West Coast in San Diego where he and his girlfriend will start a family. He has not yet secured his next kitchen job.

Luckily for us, not much should be noticeable about the change right away at Butcher and the Boar. Chef de cuisine Jeff Kipp, who has worked for such bold name chefs as Thomas Keller at his Las Vegas restaurant and Jack Riebel back in the Goodfellows days, will assume the role of executive chef.

And if you're wondering, hey what happened to that Joe's Garage project that first Riebel and then Botcher were to helm? Stay tuned, we've got an update coming very shortly that includes a name and two chefs.

Botcher's last day will be April 5.

Butcher & the Boar

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