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Motley Crews Food Truck Exploded This Weekend

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There were no injuries, but several Lakeville homes were damaged.

Motley Crewes Facebook Page

The food truck, whose tagline is "food that rocks," rocked the neighborhood of owners Marty Richie and Lisa Caulfield late Friday when it mysteriously exploded. The truck was a complete loss and the debris damaged as many as twenty houses.

The Motley Crews business is a labor of hardcore love between the owners, high school sweethearts who were reunited a few years ago via Facebook. The truck built popularity with in-your-face flavors that pair perfectly with a beer.

It had only just been announced last month that the truck would find permanent residence at at 20851 Holyoke Ave in Lakeville. The restaurant will move forward as the cause of the explosion is investigated. One thing is certain, it's a fittingly metal end to the machine.