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Burger Chain Restaurants That Should Come to the Twin Cities

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We want it Animal Style.

Nick Solanas

Minnesota arguably has one of the most diverse dining scenes in the nation. Although the Land of 10,000 lakes has a lot to offer — from food trucks to various ethnic cuisines — the great state of Minnesota is missing some notable chain hamburger places from all over the nation.

10) Original Tommy’s

A California-native, Original Tommy’s dishes up chili with almost any item on the menu — even breakfast sandwiches. It’s a place that gives out chill vibes that does food right, a definite Eat Street kind of place. The chain serves behemoth-sized portions, so go hungry.

Photo courtesy Epic Burger

Photo courtesy Epic Burger

9) Epic Burger

Their slogan is, "A More Mindful Burger," and they do just that. The chain’s use of local ingredients makes it fit right into the Seward neighborhood. And if you’re tired of traditional burgers, Epic Burger has Portobello mushroom burgers that will make you forget about meat.

Photo courtesy Eater Boston

Photo courtesy Eater Boston

8) Wahlburgers

Yes, you read that correctly. The three Wahlberg brothers — Paul, Donnie and Mark — opened up a burger restaurant in Boston and now, it’s become a chain restaurant. Besides its famous namesake, the actual burgers are what make the chain restaurants popular and successful. As it would be a definite popular attraction, the chain would do well somewhere downtown.

Photo courtesy Eater New York

Photo courtesy Eater New York

7) Umami Burger

Gourmet burgers done right by a chain restaurant. Umami is the fifth basic taste that everyone tastes — the pleasant savory taste. The burgers at Umami have the distinct fifth taste that induces salivation. With a waiter service and a full bar that comes with the chain, it would fit right in just about anywhere.

Photo courtesy Eater Chicago

Photo courtesy Eater Chicago

6) Meatheads

Albeit a smaller chain, Meatheads does burgers to fries the ambitious way. From cutting fries right in front of your eyes to crazy toppings like pineapple, the chain will impress you in some place like Kingfield.

5) Portillo’s

Usually known for their incredible hot dogs and juicy Italian beefs, out-of-towners may overlook Portillo’s simple hamburger. However, the joint serves up a mean hamburger. Whatever the crazy theme for the hopeful store may be, Portillo’s would be a great fit in Lyn-Lake with all of its traditional awnings and signs.

Photo by Chelsea McManus

Photo by Chelsea McManus

4) Steak ‘n Shake

With cheap burgers and cheap shakes, Steak ‘n Shake would win over the hearts of many broke college students. If the burgers don’t win you over, the different varieties of shakes will — oh the choices! It would be the perfect post-game hang out spot in Dinkytown.

Photo courtesy Eater

Photo courtesy Eater

3) Shake Shack

With one location that opened up in Chicago, Shake Shack is that much closer to Minnesota than before. And maybe Danny Meyer might realize that Minneapolis would be a perfect location to his burger joint. If a Shake Shack opened up somewhere Downtown, probably by the North Loop, it would become an instant hot spot.

2) Whataburger

This Texan tradition is a classic. With its simple Whataburger hamburgers to the chicken fajita taco, the menu at Whataburger is huge, just like Texas. The chain would do well in some place like Como, where there is a nice mix of both students and regular folks.

In-N-Out Burger Signage In-N-Out Burger

1) In-N-Out Burger

Did this come as a surprise? Of course, In-N-Out is number one. This coveted chain would fit snugly somewhere in Uptown where burger cravings are a constant thing. Although the chain’s menu isn’t as nearly as big and extensive as other chain’s, they have the "Not-so-secret menu", which offers some bold choices, like the "4x4."

- by Yena Lee