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Take an Early Peek Inside Tattersall, Dan Oskey's Distillery and Cocktail Room

The distillery and cocktail room is progressing and an opening date has been given.

Lindsay Abraham

Earlier this year, Dan Oskey announced that he'd be leaving Hola Arepa to open his own distillery and cocktail room in Northeast. Eater Minneapolis stopped in to check out the progress of the distillery/cocktail room and to chat with Oskey and business partner Jon Kreidler to find out more details about the new spot.

Tattersall Distillery is located in the Thorp Building just a stone's throw from a cluster of breweries including Indeed. The industrial space is undergoing major renovations to not only transform it into a distillery, but also to add a cocktail room. Dark wood, leather, and floor to ceiling glass separating the production facility from the cocktail room will be part of the design.

The cocktail list is basically created and we can expect distilling of gin and vodka to begin later this week. They will continue with other spirits as licenses are acquired and time permits. Barrels have started to arrive for their barrel-aging program. Expect gin aged in white wine barrels, fernet aged in red wine barrels, a whiskey barrel-aged amaro, and virgin barrel-aged aquavit. Light fare will be offered plus frequent visits from Brooks High, a typically beer-batter-centric food truck, who will incorporate Tattersall into their menu. Think aquavit beer batter with a gin slaw and fernet doughnuts for dessert.

Here's a look at the production side of the distillery which will soon be sectioned off from the cocktail room by walls of glass:

A copper topped distillery tank in front of a wood wall with the Tattersall painted in an arch across it Tattersall [Official]

The cocktail room will have a horseshoe-shaped bar with an eventual zinc bar-top and massive chandelier. Barmen Tim Leary (formerly of Strip Club) and Bennett Johnson of Hola Arepa will be slinging spirits.

tattersall bar plywood

The fermentation process will begin this week with distilling happening this weekend.

tattersall still

Expect the 95-seat cocktail room to open to the public on June 26, according to Oskey.

Tattersall Distilling Company

1620 Central Avenue Northeast #150, Minneapolis, MN 55413, USA