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Lucas Almendinger OUT at Third Bird, IN at Co-op Creamery

Looks like another Kim Bartmann restaurant has lost a chef.

Loring Park restaurant from Kim Bartmann, Third Bird, is out an executive chef. According to a press release, Lucas Almadinger will be exiting Third Bird to take the helm at Seward Co-op's new cafe, Co-op Creamery, an across-the-street expansion to the existing neighborhood co-op. The cafe's menu will feature local, high quality food, seasonal offerings for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and also include a beer and wine selection. Almendinger begins at the Creamery on June 1.

Earlier this year it was announced that chefs Sarah Master and JP Samuelson would be leaving Bartmann's Barbette and Red Stag Supperclub, respectively.

This isn't the first time a chef has left a high profile restaurant for the Co-op. Nearly two years ago, Erik Sather exited Isaac Becker's Bar La Grassa to manage the meat and seafood department at the Seward Co-op.

co-op creamery

The Co-op Creamery cafe is set to open in late July.

The Third Bird

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