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Five Picks to Kick Off Minnesota Craft Beer Week 2015

In case there local beer just hasn’t been on the radar lately, the Minnesota Craft Brewer’s Guild is raising awareness with a week chock-full of events.

Dubbed 10,000 Minutes of Craft Beer, as there are approximately 10,000 minutes in a week, the week-long adventure involves breweries, restaurants, and other locations across the state.

There are over 75 events scheduled that include beer and food pairings, tap takeovers, the release of new limited-time beers and hard to find classics. It’s a time to celebrate new start-ups like a Saints ticket giveaway with Wabasha Brewing and the old, such as the Haute Dish tap invasion from Schell’s. He are our five choice picks for the week.

Photo courtesy Great Waters Facebook Page

Photo courtesy Great Waters Facebook Page

1). Great Waters special firkins

When: Monday-Saturday

Where: Great Waters Brewing Company

What: The longstanding St. Paul brewpub will introduce a new special firkin daily, priced at just $2.75. Mango, passion fruit, coffee, brettanomyces, and more. Passion Fruit infused KaPow IPA (Monday), Chipotle Blonde Ale (Tuesday), Coffee Scotch Ale (Wednesday), Mango infused Blonde Ale (Thursday), Scotch Ale Aged with Brettanomyces (Friday), Pomegranate St. Peter Pale Ale (Saturday).

Photo courtesy Facebook

Photo courtesy Brau Brothers Facebook Page

2). Brau Brothers and Strange Brew

When: Monday, 6-9pm

Where: Pepito’s Parkway Theater

What: There’s no better way to prep for a week of beer than a classic and a pint. For $10, attendees get a pint of Brau Brothers and a ticket to watch 1983 beer comedy Strange Brew. The McKenzie Brothers as take a job at Elsinore Brewing, chaos ensues…pints are consumed.

Photo courtesy Excelsior Brewing Facebook Page

Photo courtesy Excelsior Brewing Facebook Page

3). Excelsior Brewing Company Pig & Fiddle Beer Dinner

When: Thursday, 7-9pm

Where: Pig & Fiddle

What: A five course beer paired with five beers at Pig & Fiddle. Find out what pairs best with Framblond Raspberry Ale, Scofflaw Russian Imperial Stout, Belgian Quad, and more.

Photo courtesy Summit Brewing Facebook Page

Photo courtesy Summit Brewing Facebook Page

4). Summit Firkin & St. Paul Summer Beer Fest Ticket Giveaway

When: Friday, 4-6pm

Where: Shamrock’s Grill & Pub

What: The organic new session ale from Summit, Hopvale, gets a new twist. Shamrock’s will tap a cask with Citra hops and orange peel, certain add a citrus zest to the already present pine in the beer. Imperial pints are just $4.50 and they’re also giving away tickets to the St. Paul Summer Beer Fest.

Photo courtesy Fulton Beer's Facebook Page

Photo courtesy Fulton Beer's Facebook Page

5). Fulton 12 Tap Invasion

When: Saturday May 9-Sunday May 17

Where: Pig & Fiddle

What: Fulton is taking over 12 taps at Pig & Fiddle in Edina. Name it and it’s probably there, just up the street from where the famed 10-gallon homebrew system started it all.

-by Loren Green