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Peek Inside Nighthawks, Opening Tonight

Diner style dishes as only Landon Schoenefeld could serve.

The wait is nearly over for chef and owner Landon Schoenefeld's second project to open. Yesterday marked the fifth anniversary for his North Loop pioneering restaurant Haute Dish (now under the careful watch of chef de cuisine Remle Colestock). Today, Schoenefeld is looking forward with his second restaurant inside what was once Shorty & Wag's.

In its former life, the restaurant had specialized in wings and fried catfish, but there are no traces of the weathered, worn interior of yores. Everything is sleek with timeless black booths, gleaming floors broken up by patches of black and white tiles. The art on the walls are a mix of black and white photography and Edward Hopper paintings.

Dinner featuring smash-style burger, serious hot dogs, fancy PBR "cocktails" and will be ready and waiting for your beginning at 4 p. tonight.

Photos by Stephanie A. Meyer


3753 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55409 (612) 248-8111