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Crickets and Slim Jim Milkshakes Now Available in Woodbury

The flavors nobody asked for are on the menu at Wayback Burgers.

Photo courtesy Wayback Burgers

Ah, the lazy days of summer filled with memories in the making: Fireworks displays, winding road trips and drive-in diners with a frosty cup of something that until recently was chirping.

The national chain Wayback Burgers has two new flavors that claim to "rock the protein shake world." One feature flavor is Slim Jim: the beef jerky known for its snappy exterior and regret-fueled after burn. The milkshake is made with vanilla ice cream "and barbecue" sweetened with maple syrup and hickory spice flavors. Those willing can have it served with either one or two beef sticks.

Meanwhile, the cricket spiked shake is flavored like a mint Oreo and bolstered by Peruvian cricket powder. Cricket connoisseurs will agree that the South American, mountain dwelling crickets are really the premier bugs of the ingestible insects.

The shakes boast 24 and 20 grams of protein respectively.