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Lunch Is Haute: The Fry Cook and Borough Launch Monday

Thomas Kim adds a fry-centric lunch menu and Borough expands their hours.

The Fry Cook
The Fry Cook
Joy Summers

As someone who has experienced the decadent glory that is The Harold and Kumar poutine at The Rabbit Hole can attest, Thomas Kim is a man who knows his way around a French fry. In another life, before he became king of the haute-ness inside Midtown Global Market, the chef once reigned over a burger restaurant. (These were the days before he made the still barely-fathomable idea to leave L.A. and move to our frozen corner of the world.) He is unafraid to follow an obsession, which includes perfecting the art of the fried potato. Beginning Monday, he's sharing the results with the hungry public serving French fries fried not once, not twice, but thrice!

The menu is simple: Fries topped in just about any way imaginable. Four dollars gets an order with one sauce which could be Thai crab aioli, Hoisin barbecue, habenero oyster sauce, gaenip chimichurri or other creative dippers. Get the fries dusted with salt and vinegar, Szechuan salt, the dubiously titled "scorpion pepper salt" or other flavor enhancers.

Fries are served inside The Rabbit Hole from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday starting Monday July 13.

Meanwhile, the North Loop's lunch offerings will expand beginning Monday as well. Coinciding with Restaurant Week Borough, the refined dining destination will offer some creations from Chef Drew Yancy. Menu items will include a burger, a fried catfish sandwich with lobster and a pastrami sandwich. This would appear a good opportunity for a pastrami crawl to taste theirs against the famous neighboring pastrami sandwich at Be'wiched Deli across the parking lot from Borough.

For Restaurant Week, next week, the lunch menu will offer two courses for $20.

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