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5 Worthy Food Truck Bites for $5 or Less

Curbside dining with couch change.

Photo courtesy Kurb Side Ice Co. Facebook page

We all know that food trucks aren’t the best choice for cheap meals. It’s easy to spend all the cash you have on hand for a couple of sliders and a side of something fried. Next time you head out to get some food truck grub, check out these shareable bites for $5 or less, in alphabetical order.

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Photo courtesy Chef Shack Facebook page Chef Shack/Facebook

Photo courtesy Chef Shack Facebook page

Chef Shack

Well-known and loved in the Twin Cities, the Chef Shack food truck sells Indian spiced mini-donuts that will change the way you think about Tom Thumb. Grab half a bag for $3 and share, because sharing is caring.

Photo courtesy Kurb Side Ice Co. Facebook page

Photo courtesy Kurb Side Ice Co. Facebook page

Kurb Side Ice Company

New on the scene, Kurb Side Ice Company caters to those craving something a little sweet, a bit nostalgic, and perfectly chilly for a hot summer day. Order a sno-ball with any flavor from their 30 flavor-strong list that includes classics like cherry and grape, along with more unique flavors like cheesecake, tigers blood and king cake. A small is $3 and a large is $5, but the nostalgia is free.

Photo courtesy Moral Omnivore's Facebook page

Photo courtesy Moral Omnivore's Facebook page

The Moral Omnivore

Get some of the best food truck bites in the city with The Moral Omnivore’s curried mushroom fries. For $5 you get a paper boat full of sliced portabella mushrooms with a curry-crispy exterior that never gets soggy. Dip the fries in the grainy mustard and join the mushroom fry cult.

Photo courtesy Natedog's Facebook page

Photo courtesy Natedog's Facebook page


Not exactly a food truck, Natedogs serves top-quality, family-farmed pork wieners. The snappy casing gives way to a juicy dog that is one of the greatest in the Twin Cities. Get yourself one for $5 and top it with Natedogs own honey-spiced mustard and sautéed onions. Mmm!

Photo courtesy Tot Boss Facebook page

Photo courtesy Tot Boss Facebook page

Tot Boss

This food truck always seems to have a line. And what are people waiting for? Tots, of course. Indulge in the bacon wrapped tater tots, which are perfect for sharing and can be yours for only $5.

- by Devan Grimsrud