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Five Things To Know About 4Bells, Loring Park's Newest Restaurant

Oyster lovers, report to Minneapolis for shooters, casino, on the half shell and more.

The exterior of 4 Bells Joy Summers

After a quiet opening, the former Joe's Garage restaurant is now up and running under the guidance of the Butcher & the Boar team. Executive chef Brendan McDonald reaches down to the South Carolina low country for inspiration.

  1. There are three kitchens to cover the expansive, three-story restaurant space. Once the rooftop patio is ready to open, one kitchen will be devoted exclusively to those diners.
  2. Yes, about that rooftop patio... It isn't quite ready yet. Construction is moving along and once it is ready, there will be warmth even in December. The rooftop will be open all year 'round.
  3. Dive bar fans will delight in the Broaster-style fried chicken. Not unlike a self-made colonel once did, these birds are prepared in pressure cookers. Coastal lovers will adore the seafood selection which includes a spicy cocktail, sauce dressed mix served with house-made saltines dressed in Old Bay.
  4. Eaters on the move will be able to get those birds and a select number of other menu items from a walk up window in the alley, where there is yet another patio that will open soon.
  5. No matter what kind of dining experience desired, there is an ideal space. There are several private event spaces that can accommodate large groups, or intimate gatherings. There's a stunning bar, a wide open kitchen lined with what might just be the most comfortable bar seats in town, sidewalk streets, quiet corners for two and that rooftop patio that when it's ready, will afford gorgeous views of the park and the Basilica.

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