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Bayport BBQ Vandalized UPDATED

A poorly spelled graffiti scrawl was accompanied by front door damage.

The storefront in better days.
The storefront in better days.
Bayport BBQ Facebook page

You can't please everyone, but it's hard to imagine being so outraged by a dining experience that physically damaging the restaurant property would seem to be a natural recourse. It's hard to know what the vandals were thinking who wrote obscenities and the word, "colsed" on the front of Bayport's exterior.

The self-described juke joint replaced Bayport Cookery with Texas-style 'cue, blues music and a take it or leave it attitude. Owner Chris Johnson told the Star Tribune, "We aren't for everyone," last August. Which isn't to say he doesn't care. Johnson also said to Heavy Table, ""I hope that [people] are open-minded, just like with music, to go out and try some new things and I hope that they enjoy it."

Most reviews are positive, with a 4 1/2 star average on Yelp! Diners profess their love of the moonshine and the buffet.

The damage done. Photo courtesy Bayport BBQ Facebook page

The damage done. Photo courtesy Bayport BBQ Facebook page

Yet vigilante took to the restaurant with black spray paint and dark intentions. In addition to the graffiti, screws were jammed into the front door and the heads broken off.

Thanks to the hard work of the owner and some neighbors, the spray paint was scrubbed off and the door was able to be repaired. Bayport BBQ will continue to rock (and smoke) on.

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