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Jon Beyreuther Signs On As Executive Chef at L’Etoile du Nord

The former chef de cuisine at Meritage moves to executive chef of the Bayport eatery.

It would take just the right project to draw Beyreuther out of the Meritage kitchen. The chef had worked inside that kitchen back when the restaurant was Au Rebours and helped keep the St. Paul favorite running smoothly as chef and owner Russell Klein made the leap to Minneapolis, opening his successful Zentral businesses. Beyreuther has also worked at the St. Paul Grill and the storied cafe un duex tois.

The opportunity to work at the family-run cafe just outside the cities allows him to ease up from the intensity of a larger kitchen, to concentrate on Belgian fare for which L'Etoile du Nord is known.

Owned by Belgian Olivier Vrambout and Julia Kaemmer, L'Etoile serves the ubiquitous Belgian waffle along with other pastries and bistro fare for breakfast and lunch with a serious coffee program. With the addition of Beyreuther, the hours will expand to include Wednesday dinner service.