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Is Stewart Woodman Leaving Minneapolis?

A rep for Kaskaid says no, but his tweets suggest otherwise.

What's next for Stewart Woodman?
What's next for Stewart Woodman?
Joy Summers

Yesterday there was a slight ruffling of the Twitter feathers when Stewart Woodman, the culinary director at Kaskaid Hospitality (and leader of the temporarily shuttered Workshop) said his last day representing the company would be at the Minnesota Cooks day at the State Fair.

Which raises all sorts of questions, is the bombastic culinary talent - the erstwhile "Shefzilla" leaving his adopted home town? Will Workshop re-open? What is this next gig?

He went on to say, that his last day of work "here" will be September 4 and he was feeling nostalgic about the last decade in the cities.

Woodman was long known as the chef and owner of Heidi's, the that faced down many challenges including the first location being destroyed by fire and a contentious ending to the second location. In his time in the Twin Cities, Woodman has won many ardent fans of his culinary talents - including Food & Wine which selected him as one of the Best New Chefs in 2006. Which isn't to say he hasn't had his detractors in the past decade. Woodman discussed that chapter of his career with Eater last year.

The chef did not return requests for comment to clarify the meaning behind these Tweets.

A representative from Kaskaid says that there aren't any big shake-ups in the works. "Stewart has not departed the company but has re-focused on menu development for Kaskaid’s upcoming Mall of America concepts, Zia and Burger Burger."

Meanwhile, the Workshop space is expected to re-open. "UNION has been focusing their energy on the busy rooftop during the summer season, but plans reopen the main level dining room of UNION after Labor Day."

Still, that seems like an ominous way to say, I'm going to be at the mall for a while. And, while technically in Bloomington, doesn't the MOA count as "here?" We shall see what comes next.