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Sausage, Sausage Everywhere and Nary a Cook in Sight: The Food News Crib Sheet

Everything you need to know in food news today, Friday August 21.

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This could be you
This could be you
Stephanie A. Meyer

Despite a whole lot of love from the locals and the nationals, Pig Ate My Pizza has announced that they are reducing service days from five to four days a week, beginning in September. It seems the sister restaurant to Travail has been hit hard by the shortage of cooks in the Twin Cities. Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl of Mpls./St. Paul Magazine spoke with Mike Brown about the challenges facing both restaurants. Despite offering paid vacations and the opportunity to work inside a proven culinary training ground that doubles as a nationally lauded restaurant, young cooks aren't willing to work the 50-60 hour weeks. It's a sentiment chefs and restaurant owners around town have echoed often: we need more cooks. Brown and co. are even offering to help chefs from out-state relocate. (So, if you're interested, contact Travail.)

The North Loop has a new green space. As the Dayton Brother's retail store, Askov Finlyason has migrated to a new building (and we anxiously await their cafe to open) the alley in between the buildings has been transformed into a micro park. Meanwhile, The Bachelor Farmer's sausage cart is in full operation for weekday lunch through Labor Day. Look for more details on the cafe next week when Eater checks in on our most anticipated restaurants planning to open this fall.

Ever consider traveling all the way over to exotic St. Paul? Heavy Table has compiled an exhaustive list of restaurants to visit when traveling in from out of town. (Really, it's right there - just across the river. And they have food!)

It was a brief foray into Woodbury for Thanh Do. The St. Louis Park restaurant expanded to the suburb in February and now has shuttered the second restaurant.