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Woody Was Here

Where Woody was, what he ate and what he did while working in the Twin Cities.

Double tapped Minneapolis and St. Paul
Double tapped Minneapolis and St. Paul

It seems as though we kept our collective cool while filming "Wilson," was in production, but now that the cast and crew has left, we are losing our minds over where and what Woody Harrelson did and ate while he was in the Twin Cities.

The actor adheres to a "living foods" diet, which meant that the chef who cooked for him would need to have a firm grasp of different dietary needs. Marshall Paulsen of Birchwood Cafe might be best known for fresh, farm-to-table cuisine, but cooking raw and vegan was an entirely new adventure. While the chef tore into a double stacked, cheese-adorned Saint Dinette burger, he told us about his intense schedule and the amount of studying he did to be able to offer the actor interesting and delicious dishes. Paulsen is apparently a big fan of Harrelson, as he told Rick Nelson of the Star Tribune.

There was one scene that required Harrelson to eat some repugnant hospital food. The chef and his friend Alissa Barthel of Punk Rawk Labs (who makes a divine vegan "cheese,") created what appeared to be friend chicken and mashed potatoes that was actually quite tasty.

While filming was happening, Paulsen also made some smoothies for Laura Dern.

But Woody was up to more than just eating while in town. Mpls./St. Paul Magazine has put together a timeline of all the spots the actor hit while in town, including the C.C. Club set wrap party.

And just like that, our glitzy little moment was gone.

Birchwood Cafe

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