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Hi-Lo Diner Begins Installation at East Lake Location

Move over Taco Bell, here comes something meatier.

Amber Procaccini

The old run-for-the-border building is gone and a new diner is being lifted into what was once a Taco Bell at 4020 East Lake Street. Brownsmith Restoration, the hip team behind Forage Modern Workshop have come up with the self-described "crazy idea," of putting a restored diner hauled in from the East Coast on East Lake Street.

The goal is to open the diner serving, classic Americana fare before the end of this year.

Hi-Lo Diner is slowly taking shape and today the first side was installed. For more videos of the diner on the move, check out the Instagram feed.

Side 1 has arrived.

Posted by Hi-Lo Diner on Monday, August 3, 2015