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Anticipatory State Fair Dining with Blue Plate

Get that waistband good and stretched out.

The Blue Barn at the Minnesota State Fair
Get primed for fair time.
Blue Barn Facebook Page

It’s less than a month until the Great Minnesota Get-Together, but for some of us, that may seem like an eternity. Fear not. The Blue Plate Restaurant group, the good folks behind one of the Fair’s newest and most popular vendor, The Blue Barn, will help ease the cravings. This week, all Blue Plate restaurants are offering fair-inspired dishes like bacon wrapped mini turkey corn dogs, grilled corn on the cob topped with chili butter and quest fresco, green bean poutine, a deep fried Snickers candy bar and "The Reverend" burger which comes crowned with bacon, egg, and cheddar between two glaze donut buns. Time to put on the Zubaz and stretch out those bellies folks. The MN State Fair starts August 27th, but these over-the-top dishes are only at Blue Plate restaurants through Sunday, August 9th.

Blue Plate restaurants include Longfellow Grill, The Freehouse, The Lowry, Three Squares, Edina Grill, Groveland Tap, Highland Grill and Scusi.