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City Works, Dogwood, Workhorse and More Italian in the Friday Food News Crib Sheet

The corner of the former Block E is getting a new restaurant
The corner of the former Block E is getting a new restaurant

What was once known as Block E is getting a new restaurant at the address was once known as GameWorks. Bottleneck Management Restaurant Group will open City Works at the Mayo Clinic Square. (Perhaps to save cost on half the sign replacement?) Promising an "extremely extensive AV program," 120 taps, and "American contemporary fare," means lots of enormous TV's, beer and eminently pronounceable foods. Look for the doors to open in March 2016.

Dogwood Coffee is expanding to 825 Carleton St., St. Paul. Look for a November 1 opening.

If there was any question left as to what the cuisine of the moment was, the answer is solidified by another new Italian restaurant on the slate. The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal reports that Eric and Vanessa Carrara will open an "upscale Italian eatery" called ie on Cedar Avenue in the old Carbone's location in the Nokomis neighborhood. The vibe is intended to emulate Bar La Grassa's style, featuring freshly made pastas and everything cooked from scratch. The ambitious turnaround has an eye on opening this fall.

—The FOOD Building is getting another new tenant. The small food business hub in Northeast that houses The Lone Grazer Creamery and Mike Phillips' Red Table Meats will soon have a restaurant. The Workhorse is a collaboration between Anne Saxton (who currently works for Kim Bartmann and her restaurant mini-empire), plus Luke Kyle (chef and co-owner of Anchor Fish & Chips) and Katie Kyle. The restaurant will serve lunch, dinner, a late night menu and stock grab and go options. Luke and Geoff King (of Scratch food truck) will head the kitchen. A November opening is expected.