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Sunrise Creative Gourmet is Opening a Cafe on Grand Avenue

The pasta makers are expanding with a new shop and cafe in St. Paul

From the Farmers Market to Grand Avenue
From the Farmers Market to Grand Avenue
Sunrise Creative Gourmet

Tom Forti's family has been in the Italian food business for over a hundred years. His cousins still run Sunrise Bakery in Hibbing - an iconic shop for those familiar with Iron Range eating. The next chapter in the Sunrise story will begin later this fall when he moves his gourmet foods store to Grand Avenue.

Farmers Market fans will already recognize Forti as the smiling face peddling the freshly made pastas, dried pastas, sauce, lasagna and other goodies bearing the Sunrise Gourmet name at area markets. (The pastas are available at other select retailers all over town).

The former Chez Arnaud address near Lexington Ave. is under construction to make room for Sunrise Creative Gourmet. The cafe will serve coffee, Italian pastries (yes, fellow poticia lovers, our time has come), soups, sandwiches and salads. Could we be so lucky for a porketta pannini? It's highly likely.

Look for an early October opening.