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Everything You Need to Know About Birdie from Landon Schoenefeld

Don't call it a pop-up: Landon Schoenefeld releases tickets for his newest restaurant, launching next week.

Our first look inside Birdie
Our first look inside Birdie
Photo courtesy Nighthawks Facebook page

When first we heard of Birdie and Nighthawks, it was that the smaller concept would be a finer-dining pop up within the diner. Today chef and owner Landon Schoenefeld clarifies that Birdie is not a pop up. With its own hours, tables and menu this is a restaurant unto itself.

From a first look at the planned menu for the initial service, Birdie is poised to become the hottest event dining in South Minneapolis. Ten to twelve courses (with optional beverage pairing) will include dishes like poached spot prawn with sweet basil cornbread and fresno chili, spent corn and malted rye bread with calendula butter and a smoked carrot dumpling that is just too good to even look at. Seriously: avert your eyes if you're hungry.

Smoked carrot dumpling. Photo courtesy Nighthawk's Facebook page

Smoked carrot dumpling. Photo courtesy Nighthawk's Facebook page

This opportunity for the chef to push his own creative boundaries and experiment with the season's produce by inviting diners into the prep kitchen space. This naturally means the menus will evolve with the moment and the produce available to the kitchen. Seating is at a premium with just twelve spots available three days a week. Tickets are $100 per guest which includes tax and gratuity (with beverage pairings available for purchase on site.) Dinner service begins at 7:30 p.m. and tickets are available here. The restaurant launches Tuesday September 29.


3753 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55409 (612) 248-8111