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Cafe Zentral SOLD; Brasserie Zentral Ends Sunday Service

The skyway level cafe in the Soo Line Building will now be owned and operated by a longtime employee.

The Russell and Desta Klein have turned the keys for Cafe Zentral over to long-time cafe employee Rob Whitney. Whitney will rechristen the space World Cafe, drawing menu inspiration from world street food. Expect the cafe to re-open under the new ownership and name in October.

Also, sighting the continued difficulty of finding enough cooks to staff the Minneapolis restaurant boom, Brasserie Zentral, on the main level will be closed on Sundays beginning October 4. Switching to a five day week is much easier to staff and focus on the quality of food and service.

It's not all cutbacks, however, Foreign Legion will add Sunday service beginning on the 4th with a special date night dinner. A pizza, two mixed greens salads and crème brûlée to share will be just $20. Plus, Trivia Mafia will be in attendance every other week.

Brasserie Zentral

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