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Do Not Hold The Mayo, Stewart Woodman Finally Reveals His Next Venture

In a very Yoda like Twitter DM mentioned this he did.

Joy Summers

Today via Twitter DM, Chef Stewart Woodman reached out to Eater Minneapolis to break the news as to what the next undertaking will be in his dramatically eventful career. In August, Woodman tweeted that he'd be making his last public appearance on behalf of Kaskaid Hospitality (and chef of the temporarily(?) shuttered Workshop) before he moves on to his next gig leaving the Twin Cities but he did not elaborate any further. Today Woodman declared seemingly out of nowhere, "Rochester I am going to".


Upon further questioning, Woodman divulged which Rochester he was referring to (Minnesota) and what he'll be doing there.


There's the big reveal. "Shefzilla" will be leaving Kaskaid and teaming up with Kahler Hospitality Group based out of Rochester, Minnesota.

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