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A Look Inside St. Paul's Heirloom

A tour of Merriam Park's farm-in-the-city pretty.

When the time came for chef Wyatt Evans to leave his longtime post in the kitchen at W.A. Frost, he knew where he wanted to go and what he would be cooking. His new restaurant remains in St. Paul, near the corner of Cretin and Marshall Avenue (just over the Lake Street bridge from Minneapolis). The ingredients are locally focused and the preparation has modern influences. It was a journey to go from the idea at the heart of Heirloom to a reality. Along the way there was a Kickstarter campaign and several pop ups that revved up fans excitement for the restaurant. Now, the dream is a reality.

The former commercial kitchen space has been decked out with reclaimed wood and golden lighting. What was once just a piece of real estate is now a warm, farmhouse-style room with locally sourced cuisine at its heart.

All photos by Lucy Hawthorne


2186 Marshall Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55104 (651) 493-7267