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D'Amico OUT at The Walker Art Center and a New Restaurant Is Being Added

D'Amico is OUT and Culinaire International is IN.

Eating changes are afoot at the Walker Art Center
Eating changes are afoot at the Walker Art Center
Photo courtesy of The Walker Art Center

Eating inside the Walker Art Center has been an evolution over the past few years and the changes keep on coming. First it was the giant robot/monster head expansion that housed Wolfgang Puck's short-lived 20.21. Then, it was Gather by D'Amico, the lunch mostly/sometimes happy hour spot. Now, news has broke that D'Amico will part ways entirely with the museum.

While the lower level entrance is undergoing a transformation, a new eatery will also be added to the first floor. Culinaire International will takeover all food operations inside the museum and run the newly constructed sit-down restaurant. The erstwhile Gather will be used for special events for the time being and will eventually be re-opened as a casual eatery some time in March.

Culinare International is a Dallas-based food company who also has local experience with Sea Change inside the Guthrie Theater and Fika inside the American Swedish Institute.

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