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Nye's Polynaise: The Long Goodbye

Nye's final farewell. Or is it?

The goodbye that lasts forever: like a good Minnesotan
The goodbye that lasts forever: like a good Minnesotan
Nye's Facebook page

Remember way back in 2014, when it was announced that the legendary Nye’s Polonaise Room will be shuttering its doors to make way for something like an 800 story, Yuppyville monstrosity, and the Twin Cities collectively gasped in horror, then made a beeline for one last martini? We all imagined our beloved polka bar decimated by a wrecking ball at any moment, and then instantaneously replaced by a soulless glass pylon hovering ominously over humble Northeast Minneapolis. Except that it didn’t really happen like that. It’s been more like Thanksgiving at your aunt Jean’s house, where everyone lingers in the mudroom for what seems like an eternity, mittens in hand, giving one last Midwestern hug. Yeah, it’s been more like that, but with pierogies.

You can’t blame us for being skeptical. They did throw a farewell tent party back in August. But it appears this time the tears will be real. On Friday, Nye’s announced on its Facebook page that it will serve its last cocktail on Sunday, April 3rd, after 67 glorious years.

Named Best Bar in America by Esquire in 2006, Nye’s has been loved for its sparkling golden booths, musty carpeting and Flintstone’s sized slabs of prime rib for generations. You can’t swing a pickled herring in the Twin Cities without hitting someone with a Nye’s story. Whether it’s a well-lubricated spin on the tiny dance floor in front of the even tinier stage, a family meal centered around a few Polish Sampler plates, or that time you all spilled out of the limo and into the piano bar to hear Lou Snider belt out another Burt Bacharach favorite, we all have them. So we’re all sad. But if Brett Farve's retirement/I’m Back!/retirement episode taught us anything, it’s that here in the Midwest, it ain’t over ‘till the World’s Most Dangerous Polka Band hangs up their accordions.

Nye's Polonaise

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