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How Lowry Hill Meats Became the Most Buzzed About Butcher Shop in Minneapolis

Breakfast sandwiches, pig brains and custom-made sausages, this isn't your grandpa's meat counter.

Owner Erik Sather behind a case stocked with meats
A new kind of butcher shop in Lowry Hill
Lowry Hill Meats Facebook page

Located at the bustling intersection of Hennepin and Franklin Avenue on the border of downtown and Uptown is Lowry Hill Meats. Opened late last year, it's a butcher shop pursuing a laid-back coffee shop culture while, at the same time, purveying high-quality meats, cheeses and accoutrements. A community of like-minded individuals joined forces to bring this concept to life. The shop is headed up by husband and wife team Erik and Tiffany Sather. "My wife and I had always wanted to bring the meat world together with the cooking world," said Erik. Well, the stars undoubtedly aligned in their favor as all the right partnerships presented themselves and a vital hub for the Lowry Hill neighborhood was born.

With apprized support from Johnny Hunter and the Underground Food Collective (based out of Madison, Wisconsin), Lowry Hill Meats is focused on doing all things with a ‘small and excellent’ mindset. They’re breaking down whole animals – utilizing everything and yielding a selection of quality butcher shop necessities (think freshly ground beef, house-made sausages, eggs, straightforward sandwiches) along with some harder to find favorites (such as rabbit, young game, goat necks for braising, even pig brains). They also offer a mélange of products from local purveyors including Red Table Meat Company, Dogwood Coffee and Hope Creamery.

Erik Sather is not an unfamiliar name in the Twin Cities food scene, having cut his teeth at Clancey’s, Bar La Grassa and the Seward Co-op. "While I was cooking there was always that curiosity of how this product gets to be where it is," said Sather. From this curious mind, a passion for butchery and raw products came forth. He sees Lowry Hill Meats as a place for customers to ask questions, learn, share in the staff’s excitement and get inspired to try new things.

A chilled case with raw meat inside the shop Lowry Hill Meat [Official]

Photo courtesy Lowry Hill Meats Facebook page

"One time a couple came in describing this sausage they had in Germany  - a nurnberger, so we made that for them for the holidays," said Sather. They provide not only a service, but an experience. "You don’t need to be buying a porterhouse to come here. You can stop by and get a cup of coffee or a piece of cheese and eggs – even a sandwich for a quick lunch."

The shop is fast becoming more than a meat destination. It's a touchstone for the neighborhood and a pretty sweet hang on a Saturday afternoon. "I don’t want this place to be like an errand. I want you to come in here and hang out," says Sather.

Pork bahn mi. Photo courtesy Lowry Hill Meats Facebook page

Pork bahn mi. Photo courtesy Lowry Hill Meats Facebook page

Lowry Hill Meats

1934 Hennepin Avenue, , MN 55403 (612) 999-4200 Visit Website