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Chatterbox Pub in St. Paul Has Closed

The board games are gone.

After a decade, Chatterbox Pub St. Paul goes dark.
After a decade, Chatterbox Pub St. Paul goes dark.

It's been open off the corner of Ford Parkway and Cleveland Avenue in St. Paul's Highland Park neighborhood for ten years and now, the large restaurant known for retro  games has closed its doors. Meanwhile, the other two locations of Chatterbox Pub will remain open.

It is hard to believe that Andrea and I, along with an amazing staff, opened the Highland Park Chatterbox Pub in Saint...

Posted by Chatterbox Pub on Sunday, January 24, 2016

In the fall of 2015 the company, which owns the two Minneapolis locations, the original at East 35th Street and the Linden Hills location filed for bankruptcy. At the time, Eater was assured that the move was only a reorganizing of debts and that the restaurants would not be closing.

Now, the owners told the Pioneer Press that the St. Paul closure is to allow Steven and Andrea Miller to focus fully on the Minneapolis locations and raising the owners four children. Steve said to the paper, "Spreading ourselves thin meant we couldn't run the other two restaurants the way we wanted to. It's not good to our kids and not fair to our staff."

So, while this marks the end of one chapter, the story of Chatterbox Pub will continue.