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The Lexington WILL Open in 2016

When exactly that is...still anyone's guess.

Coming "soon"
Coming "soon"
The Lexington Facebook page

After a tiny bit of prodding, the team behind The Lexington confirmed today that opening is moving ahead and the updated target time is "soon." Which is not quite as specific as we had hoped. Last reported opening was a hopeful thought that the room may be ready in time for Valentine's Day. Although, a source close to the project, speaking on the condition of anonymity said that anything before spring was optimistic.

The Lexington is the historic restaurant on the corner of Lexington Avenue and Grand Avenue in St. Paul. Kevin Fitzgerald and Josh Thoma of the Smack Shack teamed with chef Jack Riebel to revitalize the once majestic restaurant and St. Paul has barely been able to contain its collective thrill since that news broke. Unfortunately for hungry fans, the building has needed extensive and decidedly unexciting renovations. This means building in all kinds of infrastructure, basement and replacing the roof. All involved assure us that the historic glamour will remain in tact. We can't wait to see what was under those hideous dropped ceilings - and to lean our elbows on that curved wood bar.

And yet, today, on The Lexington Facebook page, the team responded to our prodding with this:

Cue hysterical fan girl squeals.

The Lexington

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