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Kickstarter Watch: Tori Ramen

The chef that gave us ramen Mondays hopes to open a new ramen shop.

Kickstarting on the ramen front
Kickstarting on the ramen front

Jason Dorweiler, former chef and general manager at Unideli, is hoping to ride the recent Twin Cities ramen wave by opening a ramen shop specializing in poultry based ramen- no pork belly here. Dorweiler has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise over $43,000 toward that goal. That’s a lot of clucks. A $10 pledge gets you a bowl of house ramen on opening week while $50 backers receive three ramen vouchers and their name on the Wall of Honor. (Thus far, the project has yet to crack the $1,000 mark.)

Tori (meaning bird) Ramen will serve ramen and rice bowls available in dine in or take out.  The quick-serve menu will include ramen like the Salted Duck with duck Chashu, soft boiled egg, pickled carrot, chrysanthemum, yuzu, pickled burdock root, ginger scallion sauce and white sesame seeds. The K-Town korean style ramen sounds promising as well, with marinated Chashu chicken, house kimchi, soft boiled egg, konbu, scallion, gochujang, gochugaru and baby bok choy. The rice bowl options will include the Korean MmmBAP with ground chicken, pickled carrot, pickled burdock root, watercress, pickled red onion, beansprouts, slow poached egg, gochujang, ginger scallion and fried leeks. Dorweiler also promises a menu of house made komucha, another recent trend.

No location has been secured just yet.

By the way, for a $5000 pledge, you get ramen for life. Ramen, every single day of your life. Forever. Sounds like a steal to me.