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Able Seedhouse + Brewery Pints Are Coming Out

The new brewery's beers are headed to area bars.

The buzzed about new brewery is sending kegs to area restaurants
The buzzed about new brewery is sending kegs to area restaurants
Able Seedhouse + Brewery Facebook page

The latest addition to the Northeast Brew District, Able Seedhouse + Brewery, has started selling their beer in local restaurants in addition to on-hand at their taproom on Quincy Street NE. The brewery opened in early November and has plans to start malting their own barley soon, grown by local farmers, bringing something new to the local craft beer scene. Typically malts are purchased commercially by breweries who then use them along with hops, water, yeast, and other additives to make their beer.

As for getting their beer into the larger marketplace, co-owner Casey Holley is excited to see how the brand does outside of their own walls. The taproom typically serves upwards of 7 different beers, including First Light IPA, House Red Ale, Two Sparrows Wheat Pale Ale, BLK WLF Stout (nitro and draft) and Propers Pub Ale (nitro and draft), along with an addition infusion beer. Holley is planning to distribute all of their beers to bars and restaurants, first hitting businesses in Minneapolis and St. Louis Park and expanding as their brewery grows. Based on taproom sales, he says First Light IPA is most popular, though BLK WLF on nitro comes in a close second.

"We expect a bit more reach into bars and restaurants over the winter," Holley says after this first push, "while also focusing on delivering a great taproom experience." In just over two months of business, he’s learned a lot—"something new every day"—he says, noting the connection between customer and ownership that the taproom allows. "It has taught me a ton about who we’re serving and why they’re at Able," he says. In summary: "People in Minneapolis just want an honest, authentic product/space/human interaction."

As Able expands outside of Northeast, he aims to continue that authenticity whether he’s manning the taps or another skilled local bartender is doing the job.

Able’s beer will soon debut at the following businesses:

Red Wagon Pizza (Minneapolis)

McCoy's Public House (St. Louis Park)

The Loop West End (Minneapolis)

Jax Cafe (Minneapolis)

Republic-Seven Corners (Minneapolis)

The Mill Northeast (Minneapolis)

Community Keg House (Minneapolis)

Sunstreet Breads (Minneapolis)