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Tullibee in Hewing Hotel Opening Mid-November

More Nordic food for the North Loop.

Rooftop views from the new Hewing Hotel
Hewing Hotel

The Hewing Hotel, an upscale boutique hotel from Aparium Hotel Group, will open its doors on November 17 in the North Loop neighborhood. The century-old Jackson Building has been transformed into a rustic yet elegant space, inspired by Minnesota’s north country sensibility and Nordic roots.

Tullibee, the onsite restaurant, will be helmed by award-winning executive chef, Grae Nonas, who will focus on local sourcing and partnerships with regional farmers, freshwater fishermen, and a wide variety of local vendors. The name Tullibee pays homage to one of Minnesota’s rarest fish, also known as Coregonus artedi if you want to impress your friends. (Cisco, if you’re from up North.) The small fish is found in the state’s coldest deep northern lakes and is crucial to the health of Minnesota fishing.

Chef Nonas will highlight essential Minnesota culinary traditions like foraging, butchery, and fermentation. He plans a menu that will showcase game and offal as well as a rotating selection of underrated off-cuts. The menu promised to be driven by seasonality and include sharable fish and meat dishes utilizing the restaurant’s wood-burning grill and oven.

“I’ve always considered myself to be a Viking,” said Nonas in a recent press release. “My family has Norwegian origins, much like this part of the country, and I feel right at home in Minneapolis.”