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Welcome to Sweets Week

A sugar celebration kicks off right now.

Wrap your mouth around that.
Kim Ly Curry

Ladies and gentleman, Eater readers of all ages, now is the time to lose the dentist’s number, get your fingers sticky and join us all in sugary revelry as Eater kicks off Sweets Week. Stay tuned for lists of the best restaurant desserts, the essential bakeries, swoon-worthy sweet photography and a whole bunch of celebration for all things sugary.

We'll be posting in all the usual places, Facebook and Twitter. In fact, if you're out and about sampling any delectable treats, use the hashtag #eatermpls and #sweetsweek, we want to follow along on on your eating adventure. Send us your thoughts via the tipline or take to the comments to make your opinions heard, on what’s the best, where to eat first and who has the prettiest confections in the Twin Cities. Because the sad truth is that happiness can be fleeting, why not just skip straight to dessert?

Here we go.