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Pork-Free Ramen Shop Opens In St. Paul

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Tori Ramen is ready to debut.

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A bowl of ramen
The newest noodle shop on the block has arrived.

After months of closely watching the front door, the time has finally come to grab a bowl of the good stuff on St. Paul’s Selby Avenue. Tori Ramen is the entirely non-GMO ramen restaurant from Jason Dorweiler (formerly the general manager at Unideli) and Asiya Persaud. The owners are dedicated to laboriously-crafted stocks created with only the most earth-friendly fare and surprisingly no pork. An Indiegogo campaign raised over $2,000 towards the investment goal. Which helped them buy and renovate the former Lee and Dee’s Barbecue location off Selby Avenue and Victoria in St. Paul.

Even more exciting, the full menu has now been added to Tori Ramen’s website and includes vegetarian ramen, duck-based broth, Korean-style ramen and much, much more.

As it softly opens, we assume that menu details are subject to change and availability and the hours might end up needing some tweaking.

A peek inside Tori Ramen.

However, tomorrow, bowls of ramen will begin being poured inside 161 Victoria Street North. Watch the website for more details as they come.