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Erik the Red Throws Down the BBQ Gauntlet Today

Erik Forsberg’s latest restaurant promises smoked meats a’plenty.

Erik Forsberg’s Erik the Red opens today.
Photo courtesy Erik Forsberg.

Erik the Red, the new restaurant from Erik Forsberg, the man behind Devil’s Advocate and Dan Kelly’s, opens today at the former site of Hubert’s at 601 Chicago Avenue in Downtown Minneapolis. The restaurant will feature an eclectic menu, marrying Carolina Barbecue and Nordic comfort food, which basically means lots and lots of smoked meats. "When we created Erik the Red, we really wanted to explore the idea of what Minnesota Barbecue would look like," Forsberg said in a press release. "Minnesotans aren’t really downing great barbecue regularly, and we want to change that."

The restaurant’s quirky name is a tribute to a Norwegian Viking who founded the first Norse settlement in Greenland, and may or may not have loved smoked meat. And beer.

Speaking of beer, Forsberg and team developed two new beers specifically to be served at Erik the Red, along with all Devil’s Advocate brews.

Cushman & Wakefield NorthMarq worked with Forsberg to secure the Hubert’s property. The space seems like it would be the perfect backdrop to the rustic menu, with deep wood accents and a large bar for fans to gather around on game day.

The restaurant’s Facebook page lists its hours as 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. seven days a week.