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Todd and Linda Haug exit Minneapolis for 3 Floyd’s Brewing Co.

The brewer that helped build Surly moves on to a greener hoppy pastures.

3 Floyd’s lands some major talent with the Haugs.
Surly Brewing

Shortly after Darkness Day 2016, Surly’s Head of Brewing Operations Todd Haug announced his resignation from the company. On Hallow’s Eve, Mpls./ St. Paul Magazine reports that he’s found a new employer. Todd and his wife Linda Haug will both be moving out of state and joining forces with acclaimed 3 Floyd’s Brewing Co. out of Munster, Ind.

Munster is just 30 miles from Chicago and the brewery is natural fit for the couple. Todd will help with brewing, distilling, and expansion while Linda will consult on 3 Floyd’s upcoming brewpub and expansion. While brewing will not be Todd’s primary role, he will be included in new recipe development.

The Haugs had been with Surly since its 2005 launch in Brooklyn Center and through last year’s $35 million expansion in Minneapolis. Todd was originally the brewery’s head brewer and created popular beers like Furious, Bender, Darkness, and Todd the Axeman. He was promoted to Head of Brewing Operations when the Minneapolis facility opened. Linda was involved in the development of Surly’s Beer Hall’s restaurant, but things changed when Linda was laid off this February.

“When I saw what they did to Linda, after she never had a bad performance review or one word of warning, I had to ask, could they do the same thing to me?” Todd tells Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine. Although Todd was a key player in Surly’s development, he was not an owner or founder and he expresses frustration with how things have played out.

Surly and 3 Floyd’s previously collaborated on Blakkr Imperial IPA, an effort that also included Real Ale Brewing (Texas). 3 Floyd’s is also known for their affinity for music and has brewed several metal-themed beers over the years. Their annual Dark Lord Day is said to be an inspiration for Surly’s Darkness Day.

It was the Haugs’ relationship with the 3 Floyd’s team that drew them in, and they’re excited about the new opportunity even if it pulls them away from Minnesota.

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