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Who Has the Best New Wine Program in the Twin Cities?

Which local restaurant built the best wine list in 2016?

Who had your favorite pour of 2016?

On Wednesday November 16, Eater will present the 2016 Eater Awards, our seventh annual celebration of all that's made the restaurant world run — and run wild — in the past 12 months. Winners will be selected on both the local and national levels in five major categories, and the voting begins right now. The polls are now closed for restaurant of the year, chef of the year, and bartender of the year, and today we focus on design. Which restaurant is this year’s Best Wine Program? Decide in the polls below.

Here's how the voting works: Eater editors have named nominees in the Twin Cities for each of five major categories. Editors will pick winners from the nominees, and readers will vote to award one nominee in each category with a readers’ choice award and an editorial winner. Ready to play your part? This poll will be open for 24 hours; voting irregularities will be strictly policed.


5607 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55417 (612) 825-6900


2186 Marshall Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55104 (651) 493-7267

St Genevieve

5003 Bryant Avenue S, Minneapolis, MN

Upton Forty-Three

4312 Upton Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55410