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A Pioneer of the Minneapolis Brewing Boom Will Close

After six years, Harriet Brewing calls it quits.

Last call is coming at Harriet Brewing.
Loren Green

Harriet Brewing will hit six years of age in early 2017, shortly before they close their doors for the last time on January 31.

The brewery was Minneapolis’ first taproom and the second in the state (just after Lift Bridge in Stillwater), leading the craft beer boom that now has the metro area near 50 total breweries.

The brewery made the announcement through a Facebook post yesterday that says a new development with their building is the cause for closing.

“Development plans for our property do not align with Harriet; thus, we’ve been forced to relocate. After much contemplation, it has become apparent that Harriet can only exist in it’s [sic] current location,” the brewery explains on Facebook, adding that the cost of building out a new brewing facility would be akin to starting over.

Combining the relocation cost with their brand, which is indebted to their Longfellow location, a new home would be a significant challenge.

The Belgian-influenced brewery produced flagships such as West Side IPA, which has been a regular option at south side neighborhood bars for the past side years. Besides their beer, the taproom had a strong emphasis on artwork and live music, hosting music on weekends and featuring numerous festivals over the years in their cozy space that blended seamlessly into an isolated back patio.

Based on Harriet Brewing’s comments on that public post, it appears the decision to close is primarily based on issues with the building’s owner. Meanwhile, the comments section has turned into a eulogy for the brewery. What are some of your favorite memories from the first taproom in town? Take to the comments and let us know.