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Rise Bagel Co. Opening Shop in the North Loop

Our favorite farmers market bagels find a home.

Finally, chewy bagels will be consistently available in Minneapolis.

While there’s no shortage of specialty bakeries offering delicate, buttery croissants and decadent pastries that challenge our perception of dessert, the classic crisp-on-the-outside, chewy-but-not-too-dense-on-the-inside bagel seems to be lost in translation in the Twin Cities. However, in 2014, sisters and self-proclaimed ‘bread heads’ Jen and Kate Lloyd decided to change that, starting Rise Bagel Co. and focusing on selling their round gluten-y goodies at farmers markets and pop-ups around Minneapolis.

The women behind Rise Bagel Co. Photo by Devan Grimsrud
The women behind Rise Bagel Co. Photo by Devan Grimsrud
Photo by Devan Grimsrud

Now, Jen and Kate Lloyd have taken the next step with their popular bagel company and will open a brick and mortar shop in early 2017. Located at 530 North Third Street in the heart of the North Loop, the new Rise Bagel Co. storefront will be on the first floor of the five-story building, which was constructed in 1916 and originally housed a candy factory.

“It is time to take this next step and make our dream a full-time reality,” said Kate Lloyd in a recent press release. “We are excited to establish roots in the North Loop neighborhood and become a daily destination for those who seek an elevated bagel experience.” In addition to fresh bagels daily, they’ll also serve breakfast and lunch.