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Sliders Give Way to Timbits

Tim Horton’s is taking over historic Lake Street White Castle.

Farewell you tasty, tasty little burgers.

Hopefully, you did not have Valentine’s Day reservations at the White Castle on Lake Street and 36 Avenue in Minneapolis. The fast food joint, which has been slinging sliders on that spot since 1963, has closed to make way for yet another Tim Horton’s. (A moment of silence for our tiny, steamed friends.)

Hello doughnut holes.

The Pandora Box of Donuts has opened. After the rousing success of the Canadian chain’s arrival at the Mall of America and Dinkytown, which saw serpentine lines form at all times of the day, Horton’s is continuing its take-over of our frozen state.

Brainerd, Brooklyn Park, Savage and International Falls are next on the company’s opening docket. We could all use a little more coffee and sugar in our lives right now. With any luck, these items will still be available for late night eating, as we have come to expect from this address through the years.