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Poke-Centric Restaurant Coming to Dinkytown

The Hawaiian food trend arrives in Dinkytown with The Cove.

Has the poke craze finally found Minneapolis?

The fast-casual shtick is really heating up, and so is the poke trend, in a manner of speaking.

A new restaurant serving Hawaiian poke bowls in a fast-casual format will open in Dinkytown in January at 1320 5th Street Southeast. The Cove will serve poke bowls, soups, salads and sandwiches, under the guidance of chef Tom Thammavong. Poke, a Hawaiian raw fish salad, is trending on both coasts, but is a fairly new item to our landlocked region.

With the success of other fast-casual eateries serving fresh food to a younger audience, like Naf Naf and Sprout Salads, there may be a spot for a quick and reasonable poke place in students’ roster.

The Cove is scheduled to open for lunch and dinner by the end of January.